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Serving Up Slices of Mythology, Cryptozoology and Urban Legends


Pineapple Pizza Podcast

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Latest Episode

Ashley serves up the sweet release of death as the starter course for our South African triptych. After a brief sampling of the country’s history, it’s time to dig in to search out the origins of death with the Bantu myth about the chameleon and the lizard. It turns out sometimes procrastination has some pretty serious consequences, but we promise, even if this is your last meal, it’s a dish worth dying for.

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   The Show

Pineapple Pizza Podcast is hosted by three friends, Ashley, Emily and Lindsay, who share a love of discovery, culture and the unknown. Stop on by, every week, for a fresh slice of mythology, cryptozoology and urban legends. Each month features regional specials from around the world. Come for the flavor, stay for the laughs.

We created this show as a way to connect and bond over our goofy friendship and share our passions for these topics with you. We are inspired by the unique and creative cultures all over the world that each have their own way of telling stories and explaining the unknown. Our goal is to bring these stories to you with respect for the people and cultures they represent, while also providing a few laughs along the way. 


Meet The Team



Lover of mythological and epic poetry narratives

Consumer of energy drinks

Background in literature, philosophy, storytelling, and true crime



Lover of cryptozoology and the unknown

Consumer of teas

Background in biology, ecology, and the paranormal



Lover of urban legends and creepy stories

Consumer of coffees

Background in arts, media, and true crime