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Serving Up Slices of Mythology, Cryptozoology and Urban Legends

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Myth: I've Heard It Both Ways: The Maybe Missing, Maybe Made-Up City of the Caesars

Ashley kicks off our Chilean triptych with the centuries-long search for the legendary Patagonian city, La Ciudad de Los Césares, or The City of the Caesars. The first references to this mysterious, treasure-filled city can be traced back to a 1526 expedition led by Sebastian Cabot. Like many stories passed mainly by word of mouth, the details of who built the city, who inhabits it, and what kinds of treasure it contains have varied widely over the intervening years, but there are still those who believe The City of the Caesars still hidden somewhere in the vast and sparsely-populated region of Patagonia. For desert, Ashley offers a selection of other “lost cities,” some rooted in fact and some in fiction.


Cryptids: Lady Cassandra's Chilean Cousin and the Magical Eunuch-corn

Emily serves up a uniquely Chilean surf and turf meal. Her first dish is a La Pincoya appetizer straight from the seas of the Chiloe Archipelago that’s sure to please, and may even bring good luck. The main dish, which follows, just might take your breath away as you gobble up the Andes Mountain morsels of the evil spirit hide known as El Cuero. And finally, round out your meal with a magical dessert that may just leave you horny, but only if you manage to capture the eunuch-corn known as El Camahueto.


Urban Legend: Ghostly & Twisted Encounters of the Chilean Kind

Lindsay closes out our tour of Chile with a variety of tales that may turn your stomach (or your head). Our appetizer is the ghostly tale of El Caleuche - a ship that ties into the royal mermaid family of cryptids from Emily’s first dish. The main course tells the disturbing creation stories of not only the Righteous Province and its Brujos, but of the Invunche, which is one of the most terrifying creatures we’ve served up so far. Dessert is the colorful tale of El Coco and the creepiest lullaby of all time.