Pineapple Pizza Podcast


Serving Up Slices of Mythology, Cryptozoology and Urban Legends



Myth: A Nightmare from Which I Am Trying to Awake

Ashley kicks off our Irish triptych with a tale woven together from a few different sources and a few different religions. Take a trip back in time to witness the turmoil surrounding the arrival of Crom Cruach, a dark and ancient deity brought to Ireland by the Fomorians to strike fear into the hearts of King Tigernmas and his people. Through the lens of this dark and bloody myth, we can see the effects of the clash between the Ancient Celts and other powerful cultures in Europe. For dessert, Ashley offers up a smorgasbord of supreme beings who were worshipped through sacrifice.

Cryptids: Irish Werewolves: Un-Lycan(y) Other

In this family style special, Emily dishes up the history of the truly unique werewolves of Ireland. Laingnech Faoladh, leader of a fearsome and deadly clan, may have been the first of his kind in the land, but his legacy and that of his people would live on for centuries. The werewolves of Ireland would become so infamous that tales of encounters with them would travel well beyond the shores of the Emerald Isle, making their way into the halls of foreign kings. The lore behind these lycanthropes is un-lycan(y) other and makes for a delightfully carnivorous meal.


Urban Legend: Ladies, Lords & Felines: From Killakee with Damnation

Lindsay closes out our culinary tour of the Emerald Isles with a three-course meal of hellfire and hilarity. For starters, we learn about Curraghchase Manor and the Lady of the Lake before diving into our main course — the Hellfire Club on Montpelier Hill outside Dublin. From asshat lords to tales of human sacrifice and more, the Hellfire Club and the burned out husk of its former lodge have left an eerie impression that still lingers to this day. To close out our meal, we venture further down the mountain to the Killakee House for a delicious dessert involving the Black Cat of Killakee and some sassy nuns who’re over it.

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