Pineapple Pizza Podcast


Serving Up Slices of Mythology, Cryptozoology and Urban Legends



Myth: No Virgins Were Harmed in the Making of this Episode

Ashley kicks off our Scottish triptych with a myth about the Corryvreckan Whirlpool that centers on a young Scandinavian prince’s attempt to earn the Lord of the Isles’s daughter’s hand in marriage. The appetizer course touches on how this myth was almost certainly shaped by Scotland’s history, and for dessert, Ashley offers up a discussion of Charybdis, one of her favorite figures from Greek mythology. If you’re interested in a fun, if chaotic, journey, we think you’ll enjoy this opening to our tour of Scotland. And we PROMISE no virgins were injured in the making of this episode.


Cryptids: Water Horses and a Tangle of Tangents

This meal will take your taste buds on one wild ride! Get up close and familiar with Scottish lore on a variety of water spirits and fae known as water horses and water bulls. All of these beings are considered malicious and extremely dangerous, but we're not sure whether it's their wily ways or the sheer number of hilarious tangents that will tangle our patrons in weirdness and wonder. Join us for 3 delicious regional dishes of kelpie, boobrie and each uisge.


Urban Legend: Scottish Storytime: Not for Wee Bairns

Lindsay closes out our Scottish triptych with a three-course meal of ghoulish and ghostly urban legends sure to delight. The appetizer course discusses the Catman of Greenock, our main dish covers the curious case of the Gorbals Vampire, and for dessert, Lindsay touches on the ghosts of Crathes Castle. We know it’s no longer Halloween, but if you want to learn more about rat-eating men, 7 foot tall vampires with iron teeth, and vindictive ghosts of old, we’ve got you.