Pineapple Pizza Podcast


Serving Up Slices of Mythology, Cryptozoology and Urban Legends

Halloween 2021

Myth: You'll Reap What You're Samhain

Ashley kicks off our Halloween-themed triptych by exploring the Ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. For starters, she serves up what we know about Samhain’s history and traditions and how some of those traditions have been adapted for the modern holiday of Halloween. Then she finishes off this spooky special by taking a closer look at a couple of the supernatural figures associated with Samhain: the pookah and the Dullahan. If you enjoy a slice of the macabre, this is the episode for you!


Cryptids: Corpse Curry, Lick Holes, and the World's Worst My Little Pony

Emily takes our taste buds on a globally inspired whirlwind culinary tour that is reminiscent of an Addams Family meal time. The less than fresh appetizer of ghoul will scramble across your palate and leave a meaty aftertaste. The main course of Aswang and Manananggal includes a little chicken, a little bit spice for protection and a torso kite. Finally, a dessert which Ashley just couldn't stomach. Do you think you can handle the skinless demon known as the Nuckelavee?


Urban Legend: Don't Cry for Me... But Seriously, Don't

Lindsay closes out our Halloween-themed triptych by diving into the legend of La Llorona. For starters, she describes the various iterations of La Llorona’s “origin story,” before sharing a number of reported first-hand run-ins with the sad spectre. For dessert, she serves up helpings of pop culture mentions of the moaning mother if you can’t get enough of our main course. If you hate misogyny and aren’t squeamish about kids getting murdered, like, all the time, then this is the slice for you.