Pineapple Pizza Podcast


Serving Up Slices of Mythology, Cryptozoology and Urban Legends


Christmas 2021

Myth: I'm Dreaming of a Dwight Christmas

Ashley kicks off our Christmas triptych with a brief history of the holiday before diving into her Pennsylvania Dutch roots to serve up the Belsnickel, a Germanic companion of St. Nicholas. If you prefer your festive folklore to be more austere than cheerful, this might be the Yuletide figure of your dreams. For dessert, we take a short look at the “Dwight Christmas” episode of The Office. Are you ready to find out if you’re impish or admirable? If so, hit play. 


Cryptids: Christmas with the Krampus

This week's meal is a Christmas special straight from the Alpine region of Bavaria and Austria. Emily cooked up the story of Krampus, but, hopefully, with some new flavors you've never tried before! Dishes of contemporary and historical representations of the Christmas demon and his deeds and a dessert of possible inspiration for his origin make for a devilishly delightful meal.



Urban Legend: Festive Feastings

In our final Christmas-themed episode, Lindsay keeps it festive by offering up three urban legends tied to actual historical events. To get us started, we learn about the murder of the martyr behind the Good King Wenceslaus Christmas carol, then dive right into the legend of Hans Trapp - one of Saint Nick’s twisted companions. We end our evening with a delicious slice of Mincemeat Pie, sans long pig. If you’re looking to have your Christmas ruined, this is the episode for you — Happy Holidays!