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Myth: Hooked on all the Ho Hos

Have you ever loaned your favorite thing to your sibling and then either never saw it again or it came back a little worse for wear? Well, that's this story. Two divine brothers, Hoho -Demi and Ho-Deri, decide to trade magical gifts, but when Hoho-Demi loses his brother's special fish hook, everything goes south.  Hoho-Demi runs away in shame, then (lucky for him) he meets a beautiful princess of the sea and gives her a rather unusual gift. The princess's father hands her over to this prince of the gods with no questions asked, but life isn't all peaches and cream. Hoho-Demi eventually returns home to torture his brother until he cries with a couple of magical waterboarding stones. This story doesn't have a happy ending for Hoho-demi and Ho-Deri, but it does lay the groundwork to link the emperors of Japan directly to this divine family.


Cryptids: Evil in a Half-Shell. Kappa Power!

We begin with one of Japan's most notorious cryptids, the malevolent water creature known as the Kappa. This being, which resembles a large evil turtle with a monkish bowl cut is a fan of wrestling and cucumbers, has a propensity for peeping up skirts and absolutely LOATHES flatulence, even though the being itself has 3 anuses. Yes, 3. This cryptid was most likely used as a water boogeyman, or it was inspired by run-ins with the Japanese giant salamander.  

Next up is Jorogumo, the spider whore. She may have been inspired by the beautiful golden orb-weaver spider. This being likes to lure unwitting men to their doom, or she may just sick her arson spiders on them instead,

Finally, in Japan, it's important to remember that everything has a spirit. And we really mean everything. The final, short tale is of the possessed cotton role called the Ittan-momen, which may strangle you to death. 


Urban Legend: Scissoring for Psychopaths:The Kuchisake-Onna Story

The horrifying story of the origin and modern sightings of the Kuchisake-Onna, aka the Slit-Mouthed Woman