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Free Support Options

Loving the show and looking for a cheap and easy way to support us and help us grow? One of the best ways you can help is to recommend the show to others. If you think your friends or family might enjoy history, culture, a laugh and a scare, then let them know about us!

Another free way to show support is by rating and reviewing on Apple Podcasts. It helps us to move up in the rankings and be noticed by new listeners. If you don't have an Apple account, ratings and reviews on Podchaser mean the world to us too. BONUS! We read reviews from satisfied restaurant patrons at the end of each episode, so it's a chance to get a personal thank you from us. Because remember, no matter how you slice it, you're awesome and we love you.

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If you want to support the show but don't want to invest in a monthly membership through Patreon, then check out our Buy Me A Coffee site. Here, you can buy us a fresh slice and make a one time donation to help support the show.  By purchasing a slice you will be a big part of ensuring the stories, quality content, and laughter continue. These donations help support the purchase of new professional designs for merch and equipment upgrades to continue to improve sound quality.

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Become a Patron

For visitors to our sweet and cheesy little restaurant who just can't get enough and are ready for a commitment that ensures extract content, please consider becoming a patron on Patreon. We have 3 tiers to fit almost any budget, and each comes with some amazing benefits and bonus content.


Our $3 Myth Buster tier includes early, ad-free listening, blooper and outtake reels, and a patron shout-out.

The $5 Cryptid Hunter tier includes everything listed above plus bonus episodes that can't be heard anywhere else.

Finally, the $10 Storyteller tier includes all that plus bonus video content, the ability to choose a topic/region, and exclusive voting rights.


Become a patron today and start enjoying bonus content right away!

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Rock some merch

We have some incredibly fun, funny and sometimes inappropriate designs on our TeePublic store! 

The store has t-shirts, hoodies and baby clothes, masks, totes, mugs and to-go cups, phone covers, buttons, stickers and more. Be sure to head on over and check out all we have to offer. There are fantastic designs there to suite anyone, and we are constantly adding new ones.

Grab some for yourself, or send something funny to a friend or loved one.